Average time to sell a house?

You may have a property that you are trying to sell and you may have asked yourself, what is the average time to sell a house? This is quite a complicated question to answer but we will give it a shot. In the news recently, you may have noticed that it’s almost better to own a home than rent. This drives the demand for property and you will suddenly see a rise in house prices, it may be small, but the increase in house prices is notable.

With an increase in house prices, this gives two outcomes. Homeowners gaining the added benefit of an increase in their property value and on the other side, finding a buyer at this higher price may increase the difficulty of finding some eligible. So on one hand its great that your property has increased in value but on the other hand it’s made it even more difficult for someone to purchase. We believe that in this current climate, where you need a crystal clean credit history before even being considered for a mortgage, will increase the average time for a house to sell. Using an estate agency to find this elusive buyer may take even longer, since you are relying on an old-fashioned business model to find you a buyer. Remove the stress of trying to find this elusive buyer and give Private House Buyers a try. We base our cash offer against an estate agents valuation anyway and as since house prices have increased, our offers also increase.

Try entering your postcode above and our online valuation tool will generate an instant offer based on recently sold prices and comparable properties. If you would prefer to speak with a friendly expert then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 298 3140.